Yellow Tree-A Bird’s Eye View

Yellow Tree-A Bird’s Eye View

Iris Carignan: Christian Author, Artist, and Speaker

Iris Carignan: Artist, Author, and Speaker

Sunset on the Eucalyptus

Sunset on the Eucalyptus


Iris is a published author, artist, speaker, and poet. She has written and illustrated several children’s books. “Fresh Eyes: Seeing God in the Unexpected” made its debut in 2016 with great success.

Iris’ love of God, art, and writing began nearly simultaneously at the young age of nine. Providentially, she came to faith in Jesus, had her first painting lesson, and wrote her first book that same year. She recognized the power of a good story back then and since that time, she has continued to seek to know God better and to pursue ways to express her faith into all areas of life and art. Incorporating her faith came naturally from the start and writing became one way she could creatively weave-in faith’s message.

As an award-winning artist, Iris has been recognized both locally and nationally. Her paintings hang in collections around the nation and have gained her the reputation of being a painter of peace. However, she considers her best work of art to be her longtime marriage to her husband, Larry, and their three children and seven grandchildren.


Author Iris Carignan reveals God’s amazing ways and unexpected ironies through a collection of true stories complemented with poetry. The author’s inspirations include a revelation given to the CEO of Joni and Friends and to a Muslim woman.


Iris is an artist with a deep and passionate appreciation for the beauty of God’s creation which is reflected in her artwork. Take a moment to view and buy her artwork!


God continues to move Iris in new directions with greater inspiration. Find out how by visiting her website regularly or subscribe to her mailing list and join us on Facebook.


As an author, I have learned that writing is a most revealing craft, not just to the reader, but also for the author. Consuming the message of a story may fill the reader with insights for their own life, but you may also find yourself peering into the heart of the author’s own soul.  If that sounds a little backwards, it probably is. But, for [...]


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