Don’t know about you, but with all the voices in our world that are clamoring for our attention these days, I’m finding it harder and harder to find my way through the din of noise. Even the joy of singing in my church choir was getting drowned out by all the Covid 19 restriction noise——"Wear a mask, keep your distance and only sing virtually, blared [...]

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As an author, I have learned that writing is a most revealing craft, not just to the reader, but also for the author. Consuming the message of a story may fill the reader with insights for their own life, but you may also find yourself peering into the heart of the author’s own soul.  If that sounds a little backwards, it probably is. But, for [...]

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Did ya ever have a moment of curious inspiration and wonder—wonder that asks if it was your imagination, or if there’s a logical explanation for what happened? Well, just yesterday morning I had one of those. I was out on my patio spending some time in prayer, when it happened. A sweet fragrance suddenly wafted by. Funny, it wasn’t there when I first came out. I sat [...]

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The Joy of Creation

The joy I receive every time I create something is an amazing gift that I cherish. When we create beauty through art, music or any other medium, we get to use our hands, hearts, souls, and spirits to honor the great creator who placed that particle of DNA within us. Likewise, when we destroy beautiful creations of art, literature, or music, we are vandalizing evidence [...]

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An Update of Reflections of Peace Exhibit at the Conejo Art Museum

The Conejo Valley Art Museum proudly presents Reflections of Peace featuring the works of  Iris Carignan Yellow Tree-A Bird’s Eye View Sunset on the Eucalyptus Great News Everyone! My art exhibit has been extended to September 27th, 2020. Iris' Painting Demonstration! Thanks to those who visited and watched me paint a picture on Friday, Aug 7, and [...]

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His Eye On The Sparrow

You’ll never believe what a little bird told me just a few days ago. Have you ever gazed up at a flock of birds sailing across the sky? Or do you listen to their lilting songs letting the music lift your spirit? It's something I do often especially during this season of Coved-19 lockdown. Observing them blesses me and reminds me of God's awesome and infinite [...]

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Book Signing & Donation

Iris will be signing her new children's book "Moriah's Wings" at the $5 BOOKSTORE at: 2880 A Cochran Street, Simi Valley on Saturday December 21st from 2—5PM. Stop by and get one as a gift or bring one you've purchased online, so she can sign it. She will also have some of her other books, "Fresh Eyes: Seeing God in the Unexpected" on hand to [...]

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Have you ever purchased a loaf of bread that didn’t stay fresh for more than a day or two? If so, there’s a good chance it’s because it didn’t have any preservatives in it. It occurs to me that sometimes our faith can be like that too. Our enthusiasm may get a little stale. We may walk for years with strong unwavering faith, then suddenly [...]

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Was God’s creation of the universe a stagnant unchanging event? I think not. Evidence clearly points to an ever-changing creation of all things. Scientists marvel at the ongoing changes and evolutions of creation and the universe as they observe and examine it. Yet even their own theories and statements of “fact” are a voluminously changing field of speculations and findings. The more they discover, the [...]

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The Classiest Reunion of All

Recently my husband and I went to my 50th high school class reunion. Although I graduated from a California school, the reunion was held in Las Vegas Nevada. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. I hadn’t kept up with any of my classmates except for Margaret, who wasn’t able to attend. The only reunions I’d attended over the years were my 10th and [...]

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Heavenly Voices

As someone who has always loved music and occasionally belts out a ballad or two, the idea of singing praises to God for eternity hits a good note with me. Recently a discussion came about at a Bible study I attend. We were talking about worship and praise and someone commented that she thought only singing was true worship. Now, truly we know that music [...]

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