Moriah's Wings


Moriah’s Wings is Biblical fiction that brings creative imagining of what the little girl in II Kings may have been like and how she may have handled being captured and sold into slavery. It tells the story through word imagery and stunning illustrations.


Questions are also provided for young readers that enhance the story’s message of how even a little child can have a God-given purpose. It also encourages young readers to search the scriptures and discover how to spot fiction versus truth.

What The Story Is About
She’s just a slave girl. What does she know? Desparity’s life couldn’t have been worse, she thought. However, when she’s captured and sold into slavery, Disparity discovers that things can get worse—much worse. However, her new mistress, Naaman’s wife, gives her a new name.

Moriah Asha—a name that means “chosen of God” and “hope.” Moriah now can only pray that her new name will bring a little of that hope to her life.

When Moriah discovers a hidden treasure in her doll’s pocket, she discovers a mystery that changes everything. With her faith in God to guide her and complete trust in His goodness, Moriah may be able to do more than be a living testimony to God…she may be able to save Naaman’s life!


Hannah ran frantically alongside, begging and pleading for mercy from the men, but she couldn’t keep up with their fast getaway. Gasping for breath, she stopped in defeat and shouted a last goodbye to her daughter. “May Jehovah be your hope and protection.” She hollered through hot tears. Disparity thought she heard her say something else too, something about being free, and about butterflies. Or was it about tea and butter? With each dusty, bumpy measure of the road leading further away from home, Despairity’s fear and anxiousness grew. She knew that things had changed forever, yet she did not cry or even whimper. Although a life of poverty had been hard, it was what she knew, what she expected. How would the strangers treat her and would she ever be free? The rope around her wrists had been loosed many miles back, but her heartfelt increasingly captive.

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