Running the Race in Stride

Oh that we should ride on the strength of the Lord

Each and every day of our race.

Oh, that we would let His swift and powerful legs

Continue to set the pace.

Oh, that each day’s trumpet would

Open the gate and start us with great vigor,

And harnessed to Him ‘t would carry our spirits,

With all of His might and rigor.

Imagine the power intertwined as one

From the start of the gate till setting of sun.

Take off the weight of all that deters,

Let us not stumble on things that hinder

From the goal set before us our eyes fixed ahead,

We’ll make it someday if we follow where led.

Sometimes the horse,

Sometimes the rider,

Sometimes the dirt on the ground.

Whatever my lot, whatever my station,

I pray that my heart will be found

Eager to run,

Eager to follow,

The pull of His reins on my life.

And full of His strength

Not in the fodder,

I’ll run in the grace of each strife.

Carried to the finish and

Running for roses,

The race can never be won,

without perseverance,

Without some endurance,

Without His might and His Son.

Iris Carignan, 5/17/2015