by Iris Carignan

Eternal Light,
From up above,
Break through the darkness,
Of the world.
And shed your light,
Into my heart.
Shine it Lord,
On every part.

We are weary,
And our hearts are dry.
Send an alleluia,
and hear our cries.

Eternal Light
Shine on my path.
With your truth,
For I know twill last

Cut through the fog.
Lighten the load.
Send and alleluia.
Cleanse and mold,
My heart to yours Lord,
Oh, may it be,
I’ll sing an alleluia 
Only to thee.

May each morning’s sunlight,
Of every new day,
Carry love’s hope,
On every bright ray.

But should the joy,
Not show its face,
And evil hide your,
Love and grace,

I’ll sing an alleluia,
Lord, still unto thee.
I’ll sing an alleluia,
And let praises be.