Road to Tyrella

The Joy of Creation

The joy I receive every time I create something is an amazing gift that I cherish. When we create beauty through art, music or any other medium, we get to use our hands, hearts, souls, and spirits to honor the great creator who placed that particle of DNA within us. Likewise, when we destroy beautiful creations of art, literature, or music, we are vandalizing evidence of God’s creative hand in man. And it really doesn’t matter what reason someone may give for destroying creations, it is a crime against the creator. 

Even more heinous, though, is the act of destroying one of God’s children. When we destroy another human being by intentionally killing them, whether they are adults, children, or preborn babies, we are committing the most serious of crimes against our creator. And that is because in doing so, we are stopping a beautiful creation of God from continuing in creation themselves. We are preventing them from carrying out their purposes and gifts that they could contribute, including any art they would have made. Murder of a human being is therefore the epitome of hate, disrespect, and violation of human rights towards females and males.  

In looking at the hundreds of pieces of art, songs, poems, writings and various other forms of artistic creation that I’ve had the joy of creating, there are three particular ones that stand above all— my children and grandchildren (that came from them). Nothing in my life compares to the joyous fulfillment of creation like the miracle of giving birth.

The Joy of Creation

By Iris Carignan, 2/3/19

When God created the heavens and earth,
What joy the Father must have had,
with this birth.

How awesome and amazing,
This miracle came to be.
Each particle spoken,
Creation out of nothing,
The universe to see.

Along the way,
He stopped to say,
He saw that it was good,

But when man, 
And woman came 
On Heaven’s throne He stood
And it was then 
That He proclaimed
It was very, very good. 

Made in His image.

We get to create too,
We get to see beauty 
in what we do.
We get to use hand
And in small ways, 
continue His plan.

Oh, what a privilege 
Oh, what a joy,
To know of this gift
To partake,
and employ,

The power of creation
He placed inside of us.
Creation to creation 

    For it must!