This poem came to my heart early this morning, but I didn’t know until I got further into it, that it was about a friend from church. When a new poem or a song comes to my heart, I know I must listen and obey the nudge to write it down immediately, even though I usually don’t know how it will end or where it will take me. As soon as I realized it was about someone I knew at church, it took on new speed and clarity.

For most of my life, I have prayed that God would make me fruitful for him. As I’ve matured and grown, one thing I have learned is that being fruitful for God isn’t something I can do on my own. It can only come from drawing close to God. In the same way that a fruit doesn’t stress and strain to come forth, it can only happen if it has the seed within. So, too, we need the “seed” of God’s Holy Spirit within us in order to produce godly fruit. And in John 15, the word tells us: “if we abide in Him and He abides in us, we will bear much fruit.”

Recently that friend passed away. She was someone who always abundantly manifested good fruit–LOVE, JOY, PEACE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS AND FAITHFULNESS. And though she’s gone from our presence, the fruit she bore for Christ will continue long after as a fragrant reminder of the work of the Holy Spirit that was within her.

Her name was Caroline. And though you may not have ever met this friend of mine, I hope it will be an inspiration that plants God’s seed within you, so you can also bear much fruit. And as you read, you may notice that God inspired me to point out that all fruit begins with a flower. That was something I’d never considered when regarding fruit, yet God inspired it into the poem. Having the name Iris (a flower), it encouraged me. May it be a fragrant flower to your day and encourage you in your lifelong journey too.


The fruits of the Spirit

            Are revelations, oh God, of You.

Blooming first as flowers

            Whose strength comes from truth

Their bright colors blossom in different sizes and shapes, 

And open their petals first

Before the fruit they make.

Within the flower’s center lays an apple of love

 A green stone caressed by the soft petals’ glove.

Waiting to ripen fully,

Its’ juicy flavor tasted is truly

A blessing to others, I’m told.

When it becomes fruit of His Spirit

It’s a joy to behold. 

And as the fruit He created is evidenced and mature,

The Holy Spirit rejoices

That to others it becomes a lure.

Leading them to God

 His sweetness tasted by sisters and brothers.

Bringing praise and glory to Him also by others.

Our sister Caroline was a basket of fruit.

            Picked by so many

Both old and youth.

And though ladened with illness

On-up-to her end,

She bore fruit to many,

That eternity will extend.

Her blossoms still fragrant,

Linger in the air,

As we celebrate her life, while

Missing the fruit, she did bare.

Now resting in the fruit of peace

Her kindness and faithfulness,

Will continue and not cease.

by Iris Carignan

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